Researchers from Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 wrote “Liposome preparation using a hollow fiber membrane contactor—Application to spironolactone encapsulation” for the August 2011 issue of the International Journal of Pharmaceutics. In the article, the scientists use Spectra/Por® 7 for a spironolactone release study.

The scientists studied liposome suspensions as spironolactone release vehicles. In the study, the researchers optimized the liposome dispersion for rapid and complete release and found favorable stability of the solution.

Abstract: In this study, we present a novel liposome preparation technique suitable for the entrapment of pharmaceutical and cosmetic agents. This new method uses a membrane contactor in a hollow fiber configuration. In order to investigate the process, key parameters influence on the liposome characteristics was studied. It has been established that the vesicle size distribution decreased with the organic phase pressure decrease, the phospholipid concentration decreases and the aqueous to organic phase volume ratio increases. Click here to read the article.


Spectra/Por 7 Standard RC tubing is chemically treated to remove any trace levels of heavy metals and sulfide compounds that may be present in dry Spectra/Por 1-5 and pre-wetted Spectra/Por 6 Standard RC membranes. Ready-to-use Spectra/Por 7 is also already equilibrated in water and packaged wet in a preservative solution of 0.05% sodium azide.

doi: 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2011.05.04