Scientists with Waginegen University in the Netherlands wrote “High throughput nanoparticle tracking analysis for monitoring outer membrane vesicle production” in the Journal of Extracurricular Vesicles, Volume 6, 2017. In the article, the researchers use Spectrum Labs’ 0.2 µm and 100 kDa hollow fiber filtration modules for concentration and separation of outer membrane vesicles from batch culture bacteria.

Outer membrane vesicles have been given attention for their use in developing bacterial vaccines. The researchers look to our TFF technology to purify the samples in order to quantify and size the vesicles.

Abstract: Outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) are spherical membrane nanoparticles released by Gram-negative bacteria. OMVs can be quantified in complex matrices by nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA). NTA can be performed in static mode or with continuous sample flow that results in analysis of more particles in a smaller time-frame. Click here to read the article. 


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doi: 10.1080/20013078.2017.1333883