Are you having trouble with our KF Comm software?

If you see an error message opening our KF Comm software, it may have to do with a Microsoft® update. Microsoft released a Windows® update on October 4th to Excel® 2016 that prevented customers from accessing their workbooks. Microsoft canceled the release of this update and recommends customers uninstall update KB3118373.

This update adversely affected our KF Comm software. We released a fix on October 25th for both KRIIi and KR2i. If you have installed the KF Comm update (v2.80.00) and want to uninstall the Windows update (KB3118373), KF Comm will be unaffected. Click here to uninstall the Windows update.

Please follow the KF Comm updating procedure as recommended by your sales representative, and contact either your sales representative or customer service if you have any questions.


KF Comm is a software program that automatically receives and graphs the run data (12 real-time operating parameters and 8 processing parameters) into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The KF Comm data collection software accompanies both the KR2i and the KMPi. Installing and updating the software can be found on page 52 of the TFF System Manual.