Philip Yuen, Ph.D., Application Scientist at, wrote an application note on Ab production using IgG as a model. The paper, titled “Optimization of High Antibody Concentration Using Hollow Fiber Tangential Flow Filtration (HF TFF)”, describes how hollow fiber TFF is a superior method for the concentration of Abs in comparison with cassette TFF.

“The application note examined the use of HF membranes for the efficient concentration of IgG, and the effect of shear rates and transmembrane pressure (TMP) on permeate flux rates.” Dr. Yuen demonstrated that Spectrum Labs’ hollow fiber tangential flow filtration modules and systems concentrated Abs “in a quick, gentle, and robust manner, ultimately minimizing product loss”.


Abstract: Hollow fiber tangential flow filtration (HF TFF) is an efficient process for the high concentration of antibodies (Abs). Due to non-turbulent flow dynamics, low pressure drops, and option of single-use, HF TFF is a superior method compared to that of cassette filters. Additionally, HF TFF can be easily scaled-up from R&D to large production volumes.  Using IgG as a model, this application note describes how HF TFF can be utilized to concentrate Abs up to 350 mg/ml. We also describe the how optimizing parameters such as shear rate and transmembrane pressure (TMP) can affect permeate filter flux, which can ultimately provide the best processing conditions. Click here to read the paper.


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