Scientists from Intezyne Technologies in Florida wrote a research article for the Journal of Drug Delivery in 2016, titled “Stabilized Polymer Micelles for the Development of IT-147, an Epothilone D Drug-Loaded Formulation”. The researchers used both dialysis tubing and hollow fiber filter modules to design “a library of triblock copolymers” to develop a formulation “that extends plasma circulation for accumulation in the tumor environment”. The formulation the scientists developed made a significant improvement in drug delivery for oncology applications.

Abstract: Epothilones have demonstrated promising potential for oncology applications but suffer from a narrow therapeutic window. Epothilone D stabilizes microtubules leading to apoptosis, is active against multidrug-resistant cells, and is efficacious in animal tumor models despite lack of stability in rodent plasma. Clinical development was terminated in phase II due to dose limiting toxicities near the efficacious dose. Taken together, this made epothilone D attractive for encapsulation in a stabilized polymer micelle for improved safety and efficacy. Click here to read the article. 


Highly configurable and versatile, the KR2i utilizes a number user-defined set-points to run complex application processes with numerous built-in safety alarms and stops, and is ideal for precise and reproducible control and documentation of TFF processes ranging from 1mL to 10 liters

doi: 10.1155/2016/8046739