In the March 2017 issue of Biomaterials, scientists from Universidade do Porto in Portugal published “BDNF gene delivery mediated by neuron-targeted nanoparticles is neuroprotective in peripheral nerve injury”. This paper discusses the use of our 3.5-5 kDa dialysis tubing to dialyze chitosan purified from mushrooms.

The researchers looked for a solution to the treatment of nerve damage by targeting damaged neurons with prepared nanoparticles. The treated nanoparticles showed promising results in neural tissues. The study also showed “that non-targeted nanoparticles were also able to exert a beneficial effect in the injury recovery”.

Abstract: Neuron-targeted gene delivery is a promising strategy to treat peripheral neuropathies. Here we propose the use of polymeric nanoparticles based on thiolated trimethyl chitosan (TMCSH) to mediate targeted gene delivery to peripheral neurons upon a peripheral and minimally invasive intramuscular administration. Click here to read the article.


Dialysis is a simple process in which small solutes diffuse from a high concentration solution to a low concentration solution across a semipermeable membrane until equilibrium is reached. Dialysis can effectively be used as a separation process based on size rejection because the porous membrane selectively allows smaller solutes to pass while retaining larger species.

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