In October of 2016, BioProcess International magazine wrote an article that evaluated the use of Spectrum’s KMLTM system for upstream/production.

In the article, “Emerging Technology Trends in Biologics Development: A Contract Development and Manufacturing Perspective”, the authors evaluated Spectrum Labs’ KML system for upstream/production. This demonstrated “the concept of using a 20-L N – 1 bioreactor to reach a cell density >50 × 106 cells/mL”. Click here to read more about BPI’s analysis.

The KML [KrosFlo® MagLev] Benchtop Perfusion and Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) System is designed for many TFF process operations.


Spectrum Labs’ Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) uses hollow fiber modules. Our hollow fiber (HF) membrane technology provides the low pressure and low stress environment required for the processing of whole cells, proteins, virus and other labile products. Click here for more information about our HF modules.